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Finding Suppliers
is Hard.

We thought we'd save you some time and pin them on a map for you.

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Finding suppliers is always a challenge. We love to help, so we pulled data from SupplyFX and placed all the authorized electronic components distributors on a map for you. This map (and the downloadable directory) is completely free. Is your company not listed? Just send us an email with your details and we’ll add you to the map.

Find Suppliers Worldwide

Over 500 authorized electronic components distributors are pinned on the map. Looking for component prices? You may want to take a look at Findchips and get real-time pricing data.

Pin your company on the map

We tried our hardest to make this list as extensive as possible. However, if your organization is not pinned on this map, simply send us an email with your company details and we’ll add you.

Download directory

Navigating the map can be tough, so we made the whole dataset downloadable. You’ll get additional company details such as websites, addresses, contacts and specialties. Download the directory here.